for exhibitions

Vertigo offers technical support for audiovisual artists worldwide.

After many years of working together with different artists, we understand that artists find it important that we should be flexible and be able to respond to the individual needs, which can vary with each installation.

If works of art are to be installed in different locations, this implies an approach that can be adapted at the technical and production level. In doing this, Vertigo provides tailor-made advice, and the installation is technically monitored during the exhibition period in case of an emergency. We deliver every installation with the highest possible level of finishing. We thereby always work together with our AV partner, Vidi-Square.


art projects

In-house development of audiovisual installations.

Vertigo offers its staff the opportunity to use their creativity to the full in the audiovisual arts. This creates a greater affinity with the arts sector, so that the staff can better identify themselves with the world of audiovisual art.