We create animations within any budget.

Great Place To Work

This animation presents the workings of the organization “Great Place to Work”.

Cellfina – Merz Pharma

This animation explores the medical cause of cellulite and Merz Pharma‘s proposed solution Cellfina, following existing brand iconography and guidelines

Dokters vs Internet

3 Seasons of whiteboard animations for a Dutch show called “Dokters vs Internet” which airs on TV Channel NPO 1, produced by Sputnik/KRO-NCRV.

Omroep Zeeland

A series of whiteboard animation assignments for a regional newscast named “Omroep Zeeland“, in which they tackle the subject of fire safety.

Alfa Logistics

Social media campagne assignment from Alfa Logistics, subsidiary of Atlas Network.


A year in review, shown at the annual event of Hilti Benelux 2018.


This animated slideshow represented Flanders’ Agricultural Marketing Board organization VLAM during the Bern convention in Germany, hosting attendees from all over Europe.

AZ Klina

Animated photo gallery comissioned by New Balls Please in Ghent, for General Hospital Klina.


A well made animation video will provide you with an easy way of presenting your new products, concepts, internal policy, etc. Our team excels in visualising your ideas in a refreshing, original and unique way. We are experienced with digital animation, motion graphics, whiteboard animations and classic 2D animations.